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Before sending us a mail, please read this page, perhaps your questions will be answered this way!

Q: I play in a band and would like to ask if Nuclear Blast would be interested in signing us.

A: Please always ask yourself if your music is already good enough to obtain a record deal. If you think you can compete with our other artists (in terms of songwriting / playing abilities) or if you've got something special and unique to offer, we're happy to get your demo/CD. Nevertheless, we listen to all CD's and tapes we get. Please note that we get LOTS of them.

Please DO NOT CALL asking about your demo. DO NOT drop off your demo in person. If we like your demo, we will contact you. If we don't like it, you will not hear from us, simple as that.

Please, only send CD's. No DAT's or Mini-Discs.
Also, please DO NOT E-MAIL MP3's. We prefer a full promo package including CD, band picture, biography etc.

Here's a little checklist; your package should contain at least the following:
-A full contact address (name, address, phone, fax or e-mail)
-A biography of the band
-Everything that is worth to know about your product and band (did you record in a special studio, did you go on tour already and so on)
-At least one photo showing the latest line-up
-If your releases already received some reviews in the press, please also include some copies.

Here's the address to send your stuff to:
Nuclear Blast Records
Attn: A&R
5741 Buckingham Parkway Unit C
Culver City, CA 90230, USA
United States of America
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