This is a non-paying position and is only open to those who can receive school credit for it. If your school has an internship program, you will need to go and sign yourself up if selected by us!

Internship Position: Warehouse Department
Company: Nuclear Blast Records
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Department Description:
The warehouse department handles all incoming and outgoing shipments to customers, distributors, bands as well as handling various mail outs for departments throughout the company. The Warehouse also catalogs, organizes and inventories all of the product for the company as well as promotional material. The warehouse department also handles sales for our customers in a variety of platforms through our web shop, eBay and through our direct sales to shops.

Warehouse Department Description:
You will be involved in a variety of tasks including pulling, packaging of product, running postage for customers as well as mailouts for various department, placement of stock, organization, and inventory. Through web sales, the individual will also maintain stock items and listings for both our webshop and eBay store. You will also be involved in data entry of new products, their details and descriptions, as well as data entry of new customers and processing of their sales orders and invoices. Attention to detail with regards to both our customers and products is mandatory.

Specific Responsibilities:
- Entering of products, their descriptions and maintaining these details in several different webshops including our own and eBay listings.
- Processing web shop orders.
- Pulling, checking, packing and shipping product.
- Organizing and stocking products, monitoring shipping costs and any needed supplies.
- Maintaining and answering customer emails and trouble shooting any customer related issues.
- Helping with ideas for future pre-orders: IE: You will help brainstorm new ideas for future preorders and help us offer exciting new products to our customers!

- MUST work from Los Angeles office! Open to U.S. residents only at this time.
- Excellent communication (verbal, listening and writing) skills and an outstanding attention to detail.
- Strong understanding of eBay. Has had some experience listing eBay items (whether an eBay store, or individually).
- Willingness to learn and take on multiple roles at once.
- Reliable and organized enough to manage deadlines.
- Must be computer and Internet/search engine savvy to perform online research.
- Must have ability to use PC & related software, including Outlook, MS Excel, Word.
- Ability to work independently and as a member of a team.
- Ability to prioritize and multi-task
- MUST be attending College or High School
- MUST be at least 18 years old or over
- MUST have your own transportation to and from NB - headquarters
- MUST complete a minimum of 150 internship hours

All interested and qualified applicants, please
SEND AN E-MAIL to mail [at] nuclearblastusa [dot] com

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Nuclear Blast Mail Order Internship: Your Name

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