For over 20 years has the Melancholic Dark Rock/Metal Band Amorphis from Finland managed to conquer the world, entertain the crowds and establish new standards.

After the dissolution of the band Violent Solution, former members Jan Rechberger, Esa Holopainen, Tomi Koivusaari alongside Olli-Pekka Laine founded Amorphis in 1990.

The demo ''Disment Of Soul'' was recorded in January 1991 and already sold out within the following summer. After some gigs, their debut album '' The Karelian Isthmus'' came out in November 1992, followed by ''Tales From The Thousand Lakes'' in 1994. The band played for the very first time in the US the same year. Thanks to the album ''Elegy'' (1996) managed Amorphis to hit the Top 10 of the finnish charts.
Their fourth studio ''Tuonela'' came out in 1999 and reached the finnish Top 10 as well as the single '' Divinity''. The album ''Am Universum'' topped once again the Finnish charts at the place #4, while the single '' Alone'' landed at the 1st place. Their single work in finnish language '' Kuusamo'' was released in 2002.

The following album ''Far From The Sun'' was recorded and produced by the band itself, then released in 2003 in Europe but only one year later in the USA. ''Eclipse'' was recorded in 2005 and came out in 2006 via Nuclear Blast. The album includes the single ''House Of Sleep'', which reached the place #1 in the finnish charts. The single ''Silent Waters'' (2007) from the album with the same title topped at the 2nd place in Finland. Thanks to ''Silent Waters'' and ''Eclipse'' were Amorphis certified Gold in February 2008 with 15,000 sold discs in Finland.

Two years after the release of ''Skyforger'' (2009) came out ''The Beginning Of Times'', which has been mixed one more time by Mikko Karmila.

AMORPHIS released their eleventh full-length album ''Circle'' (2013), whose nine tracks testify to their skill and ability to connect old and new stuff.

Esa Holopainen comments about the forthcoming album »Under The Red Cloud«: 'There's a lot's of details in the songs but every note and element is in perfect harmony so that the result is fucking heavy and melodic. All I can say is that »Under The Red Cloud« will be in my personal Top 3 AMORPHIS albums that we've ever done.“

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