If you look up “workaholic” in the dictionary, you’re sure to find a picture of Peter Tägtgren. Without a doubt he’s the busiest man in the metal scene. Despite his status as a top producer and the success of his nu-metal project, Pain, he still fronts the band that got him where he is today: HYPOCRISY!Peter and his bandmates Lars Szöke and Mikael Hedlund are ready to raise the roof of the heavy metal scene. In the last several years – with such amazing albums as The Final Chapter (1997), Hypocrisy (1999), Into the Abyss (2000) or the 2001 compilation Ten Years of Chaos and Confusion, they’ve firmly established the band as a first-rate act. They’ve charted all over the world, toured Europe, Japan and the US, and the fans all over the world had found new Death Metal heroes. During their European Nuclear Blast Festival Tour (with Raise Hell, Kataklysm, Destruction, Crematory), they played in the middle of the set, but for the fans, they were THE headliner. Nobody expected a new Hypocrisy album this fast, but one day Peter called the record company and told them that they had recorded a new album ‘cause there was a little time available at the studio. Strange! With Catch 22, Hypocrisy opens up a new dimension of their sound. They combined the traditional Hypocrisy trademarks with some new influences like modern rock ’n’ roll or punk rock. Songs like “Don’t judge me,“ Destroyed,” “A Public Puppet” and “Another Dead End (For A Dead Man)“ are some of the best songs this legendary Death Metal outfit ever recorded in their ten-year long career.

It all began back in 1991 when Peter sent the first demo to some record companies. Nuclear Blast realized the huge potential immediately and offered them a contract. From the release of the first album, Penetralia, back in 1992 ‘til the Final Chapter, Hypocrisy became the most popular Death Metal band in the underground. With their 1997 output, The Final Chapter, they reached a bigger audience for the first time with people who are not into Death Metal starting to listen to the band. It also marked their breakthrough in the USA ‘cause they played Milwaukee Metalfest for the first time. The video for the title track was also recorded in the USA, and Hypocrisy became the next metal sensation from Europe. With their following albums, Hypocrisy and Into the Abyss, Hypocrisy reached a big crossover audience. The Hypocrisy hysteria had officially begun. One of the secrets of their success is undoubtedly Peter Tägtgren, who is a total freak, a party animal and one of the most honest and sympathetic people in the business. And he is an amazing songwriter as well. You can hear the result on the new album.

Catch 22 is not what HYPOCRISY fans might expect, but it’s what they should have expected. Because this band never refused any challenge, and be it one posed by themselves. So expect the unexpected, but rest assured that the result is brilliant.

When, in 2004, the album "The Arrival" was released with its dark keybord elements Hypocrisy proved their diversity one more time. That same year Lars Szöke left the band, as he did not want to be on tour all the time anymore. Thus, Immortal drummer Horgh became part of Hypocrisy. Andreas Holma became second guitarist, but got replaced pretty soon afterwards by Klas Ideberg (Darkane).
The 2005 album "Virus" became something really special, as the songs were faster and harder due to Horgh's impact.
In 2009 the band released "A Taste Of Extreme Divinity", followed by the live documentation "Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion" in 2011.

HYPOCRISY have released new masterpiece "End Of Disclosure" in March 2013!
Peter states:
“This time I wanted to go back to basic, felt like we lost it for the last couple of albums , it's straight to the point, it's more Hypocrisy than ever, the fast, the heavy, the epic.. Enjoy!”

The artwork was done this time by Wes Benscoter (SLAYER, KREATOR, NILE, VADER…)

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