ELUVEITIE were orignally founded in 2002 as a pure studio project by mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann, whose vision was to create a mixture of Melodic Death Metal from the Gothenburg School and old folk melodies, which was soon to be known as “New Wave Of Folk Metal”. Today, more than 12 years later, ELUVEITIE has developed into the most successful Swiss Metal Act of all time.

The early works "Spirit", "Slania", "Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion" and "Everything Remains As It Never Was" have already proved the uniqueness and class of the formation.

In 2012 ELUVEITIE, after ten years of successful career, have released their highly anticipated fith studio album „Helvetios“, as well as their anniversary compilatio „The Early Years“. The band toured around the world with bands like WINTERSUN, CHILDREN OF BODOM or SABATON through North America, Europe, South America and Australia and stormed the charts worldwide (# 3 in the Billboard Heatseekers Chart (USA), # 4 in Switzerland, # 6 Canada Hard Music, # 7 USA Hard Music, # 27 in Germany, and # 34 in Austria).

The band’s current line-up also includes two new entries: guitarist Rafael Salzmann, who joined for Simeon “Sime” Koch, as well as Nicole Ansperger who replaced long-time member and violinist Meri Tadic.

With this new solid line-up, ELUVEITIE wrote history this year as they were the first metal band to receive an anward at the prestigious Swiss Music Awards – The Swiss Grammys, so to speak.

The band was honored as ‘Best Live Act National’. The winners of this category were chosen by the audience. Immediately after receiving their award at the prestigious Swiss Music Awards, ELUVEITIE have again joined the Swiss New Sound Studio to record their sixth studio album »Origins«, conducted by the legendary producer Tommy Vetterli (KREATOR,CORONER).

In 2016 Merlin Sutter, Anna Murphy and Ivo Henzi left the band to form CELLAR DARLING. The band has taken a lot of time searching for new musicians to make the best possible line-up of all time and the line-up finally was completed in January 2017.

Eight years after the release of »Evocation I«, the band has once again stored the electronic instruments in the rehearsal room. »Evocation II: Pantheon« takes you driectly into the Gallic Pantheon and shows the Celtic gods – after whom the songs are named – his homage.

In 2018, the band will unleash their masterpiece »SLANIA«, the album which was heralded as one of the most important reasons for the band’s break-through, once more – as the very special anniversary-edition »SLANIA - 10 Years«.

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