Vader’s beginning was viewed and interpreted by various sources in a lot of different ways. The truth is that the band was founded in autumn 1983 by two key individuals: Piotr „Peter“ Wiwczarek (member of „Bardast“ and later „Behemoth“) as bass player and Zbyszek "Vika" Wroblewski playing the guitar.

Their first Demo „Necrolust“ got great reviews. During the same year, the band became friends with their manager, Mariusz Kmiolek. „Morbid Reich“, a Demo that was recorded in a studio in Olsztyn, was the outcome of their cooperation. In 1990 the independent record label Carnage Rec. released the record in Warsaw and labeled it as a novelty.

The debut album „The Ultimate Incanation“ was recorded in 1992 by producer Paul Johnson in the Rhythm studios in England. Thanks to their label, Vader was able to play their first concerts across western borders. The Band recorded their first video for the first track of the album „The Darkest Age“.

At the beginning of 1994 the EP „Sothis“ was released, which was recorded in March in the Modern Sound studios in Gdynia. It was released by Baron Rec. in Poland and only a few years later it was re-released worldwide by Repulse Rec.

In spring 2000 the album „Litany“ got released by Metal Blade, followed by a tour with more than 250 concerts. Vader played a lot of festivals in Poland and all over Europe, where the video for the song „Cold Demons“ was recorded. Meanwhile they created another EP in RED studios.

„Reign Forever World“ was released by Metal Blade in 2001. In 2002 Vader began to work on their next studio project. Once again it was redorded in RED studios by Piotr Lukaszewski and it was named „Revelations“. Vader organized some gigs and Daray, the young drummer of VESANIA, became a new member of the band. They recorded the new Vader album „The Beast“ together, followed by more than 2000 concerts in different countries.

One of the biggest moments for the young band was being able to play as an opener for Metallica in Chorzow stadium. The band let Cracovian TV studios record the concert and created their second DVD „Night Of The Apocalypse“ out of it.

Vader decided to sign a contract at Regain Rec. in Sweden, which continued to be their label for a very long time. In the summer Vader recorded the mini album “The Art Of War” for the first time in the Hertz studios in Bialystok. This record led to another chapter in Vader’s history. A new video for the song „This Is The War“ was produced.

In the first months of 2006, Vader was busy recording their album „Impressions In Blood“, which was released in September. Their third Live DVD „…And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw“ was captured at their concert in Varsovialn and released in October 2007.

Next Vader recorded a very special album to celebrate their 25th anniversary. 25 of the most important songs in Vader’s history came together in a double-album. In December Vader started the preparation for the new album „Necropolis“, which should be released in fall 2009.

After a very long lasting cooperation Vader left Regain Rec. to work together with the gigantic Metal Label Nuclear Blast! The first six months of 2011, Vader got very quiet because they were busy preparing themselves for their new album “Welcome To The Morbid Reich“. In March Reyash got replaced by Hal (DEAD INFECTION; HERMH, ABUSED MAJESTY). After the recordings in the Hertz studios in Bialystok, Vader went to play a few gigs in the summer all over Europe and a new Blitzkrieg-tour though America and Asia to promote their new album „Welcome To The Morbid Reich“!

With "Tibi Et Igni", which was released in 2014, the band entered history books and left deep marks. If VADER go to battle, no wall is gonna stand in this tank’s way. In the past, the quartet has ploughed and bombarded entire landscapes all over the world with inevitable consistency during diverse blitzkrieg battles.

In 2016, they fired a first warning shot with their barrage in the form of the EP „Iron Times“. Now they create their own realm with „The Empire“. This impressive monument, which VADER brought into being with their thirteenth Studioalbum, will irrefutably have a huge impact on metal history – and unquestionably ensure that even more than 30 years after the band was founded, it is still unthinkable for them to conclude a peace treaty with the world. Let the tanks roll!

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