TEXTURES - Phenotype

Released on: 2016-02-05

»Phenotype« - »Genotype«
The year 2015 marks the start of the era »Phenotype« - »Genotype«. Two albums, released on Nuclear Blast Records, based around one concept. The Dutch sextet is not a band to put out an album every year: The band took over 2 years to write and record albums five and six. Music is not fast food! Details are crafted and re-crafted. Extra layers are created and stretched to instil the ultimate attention span for years to come.
»Phenotype« - the first album to be released - is a song-based, 60-minute long release. TEXTURES present an eclectic overview of what modern metal offers. Catchy, innovative and progressive songs are what TEXTURES deal in. Welcome new virtuosos Uri Dijk (synth) and Joe Tal (guitar) who deliver a new, harmonic vibe to the mature TEXTURES sound.
»Genotype« - which will be released a year later - is a 45-minute long, conceptual track. The root material that »Phenotype« consists of, is presented in this song, but in a totally different context. TEXTURES go out-of-the-box. More proggie, more atmospheric and lots of extra layers to fill the last gaps left in this extensive, double rollercoaster ride.

Standard works
With »Polars« and »Silhouettes« both acclaimed as international standard works in metal, TEXTURES set high standards for their new musical diptych. Everybody from Europe to the U.S. to India could sing along to the singles 'Awake' and 'Reaching Home', which received strong support from online metal communities and got prime time airplay on Radio 3 fm (NL), Radio 1 (UK) and Triple J (AU). The video clip of 'Awake' secured airplay on MTV in Europe and Russia, and VH1 in India. In the Netherlands TEXTURES reached the Album Top 100. The band played at Graspop in Belgium, the Great Escape in the UK, Tuska in Finland, Hellfest in France and Lowlands in their home country the Netherlands, and also toured with GOJIRA, ARCH ENEMY, TESSERACT and ALL THAT REMAINS, among others.

Track list
1 - Oceans Collide
2 - New Horizons
3 - Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand
4 - Illuminate The Trail
5 - Meander
6 - Erosion
7 - The Fourth Prime
8 - Zman
9 - Timeless

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