Pocho Aztlan


BRUJERIA - Pocho Aztlan

Released on: 2016-09-16

On »Pocho Aztlán«, Brujo and his backing band of extreme-metal superstars saw off tributes to Pablo Escobar ('Plata O Plomo'), recount exotic narco-tales of drug drops gone wrong ('Isla De La Fantacia') and even carve out a customized cover of the DEAD KENNEDYS classic 'California Über Alles' ('California Über Aztlán'). Elsewhere, Brujo brings his trademark levity to bear on 'Culpan La Mujer' ('Blame The Woman'), a send-up of old-school Mexican machismo. “You got a woman? Blame her,” he laughs. “It goes back to Adam and Eve - the woman did it! It’s also the old macho, Mexican way. Always blame the woman.”

»Pocho Aztlán« was preceded by the seven-inch single »Viva Presidente Trump!,« which was released on Record Store Day back in April. Pressed on vinyl colors representing the Mexican flag, the single sold out instantly and already fetches ridiculous collector’s prices on eBay. “If I came out and said, ‘Kill Trump,’ there’d be a lawsuit,” Brujo points out. “We wouldn’t win that, so we said ‘Viva’ - long live the king. We want him to win so we can fight that war. We wanna show that we can win it without the bullets.”

Track list Total runtime
1 - Pocho Aztlan 4:10
2 - No Aceptan Imitaciones 3:10
3 - Profecia Del Anticristo 4:11
4 - Angel De La Frontera 3:22
5 - Plata O Plomo 4:03
6 - Satongo 3:25
7 - Isla De La Fantasia 2:17
8 - Bruja- 4:09
9 - Mexico Campeon 2:25
10 - Codigos 2:47
11 - Debilador 5:35
12 - California Über Aztlan 3:20

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