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FOLLOW THE CIPHER - Follow The Cipher

Released on: 2018-05-11

Creativity’s Capital Falun
Falun – this magical city in the heart of Sweden, surrounded by idyllic forests and deep blue lakes, emerges more and more as a creative center for ambitious and talented young bands. Is it in the water? Is it in the air? No one knows. But it remains a fact that Falun is the glorious birthplace of some of the most promising and hottest acts on this planet. After spawning acts like SABATON, TWILIGHT FORCE, CIVIL WAR or BILLION DOLLAR BABIES, Falun has a new up-and-coming crew in stock: Forget everything you thought to know, because FOLLOW THE CIPHER are ready to herald a new musical era and crash through the different dimensions of our universe to steal your breath. Despite their stylistic diversity, the Swedish metal act creates a stunning overall concept, mixing a first-class sound with magical charisma, an innovative concept, live presence and an incredibly talented singer.

Starting point: SABATON
Let's take a little look into the past: FOLLOW THE CIPHER’s story started in May 2014, when Ken Kängström decided to start a band that was supposed to be different from everything else in the music scene. The idea itself has been haunting his mind for years, but the reason to finally put his thoughts into action was the result of a longtime collaboration with the internationally acclaimed metal giants SABATON, with whom FOLLOW THE CIPHER maintain a close friendship. Ken Kängström is definitely not a blank sheet in the Scandinavian music scene, since he wrote and produced some well-known SABATON songs, such as the monumental anthem ‘Carolus Rex’.
It was this track which got the ball rolling: "I think the song sparked the first inspiration in me – in particular, it was responsible for me starting to trust my own abilities and judgment," Ken reflects. "When I wrote this track, I felt deep inside that it was time to put my plans with FOLLOW THE CIPHER into action." Therefore, the band also included an own version of this important track, ‘Carolus Rex’, on their debut album.

Breaking boundaries
Eventually, Ken and Victor composed new pieces with the premise of copying nothing and nobody, and creating a completely unique sound cosmos. Filled with epic melodies, bombast, razor-sharp riffs and electronic vibes, the band’s diversity ranges from symphonic moments to a grim post-apocalyptic, modern atmosphere. "At a certain point I started to understand that the most important aspect to create great songs is to keep a constant balance – not just for the individual elements in the music, but also for the overall sound mixture," the Swede explains. "From that moment on, I was able to control the sound and could start with the essential evolution of FOLLOW THE CIPHER."

Something unique was born and grew to become a mixture between NIGHTWISH, IN FLAMES and SABATON, yet creating something completely different and innovative. "I consider our music as both visual and cinematic," says Ken. "The sound is large-scaled and multi-layered - each element plays an important role within the overall concept. You can listen to our music in two different ways: Either by focusing on the individual, versatile elements like the keyboard melodies or Linda's powerful voice, or you can indulge in the whole package. Both type of listeners will get what they look for in our very own CIPHER METAL!“ Ken states euphorically, while Viktor Carlsson goes even further: "The process of creativity cannot be put into words. Sometimes it feels as if all the creativity is flowing by itself, and sometimes you just don’t know how to continue your work and feel completely lost. But one way or the other, it is always magical - especially since all of us have different musical backgrounds. This is certainly the main reason for all the artistic versatility on the record. Each one of us has brought in his individual style and overcame his own boundaries – through this collaboration, we all grew to become better musicians.”

Welcome on board
The CIPHER Crew consists of five talented members: Linda Toni Grahn; a fantastic, eye-catching singer with long pinkish red hair and emerald eyes, equipped not only with a powerful and characteristic voice, but also outstanding charisma. When entering the stage, all it takes are a few seconds for Linda to capture everyone’s attention. "Linda is unique - she stands out from the crowd, not only as a great singer, but also as a charismatic personality! Immediately after meeting her, I knew she would be the right person for us!” Ken Kängström (guitar) remembers the first meeting with their female captain of the CIPHER workforce. Other crew members include Karl Löfgren (drums), Victor Carlsson (guitar) and Jonas Asplind (bass).

Audio visual apocalypse
FOLLOW THE CIPHER is an ambitious troop that not only expresses its passion through the music, but also through the quintet’s extravagant outfits and impressive live shows. Therefore it didn’t come as surprise, that the world’s biggest metal label, Nuclear Blast, signed them after experiencing the band’s live qualities at Sabaton Open Air 2017. "We had them on our radar for the past two years, were convinced of the song quality and appreciated the commitment of the members. Eventually, the determining factor was their outstanding live performance, which proved to us that FOLLOW THE CIPHER have everything they need," states Markus Wosgien, A & R of the German metal label. However, this was only the second ever (!) live performance by the five musicians (the first took place at the legendary "Masters Of Rock" in Czech Republic and turned out as no less spectacular!). Next year, the Swedes will invade Belgium’s "Graspop" festival and stage an audio-visual end-time scenario in a crazy Mad Max manner, where action meets quality and entertainment! FOLLOW THE CIPHER are already enjoying a strong fan base among other musicians and for the bombastic anthem ‘Starlight’ they gathered several star guests from the Swedish metal elite, such as Joakim Brodén (SABATON), Nils Patrik Johanson (ASTRAL DOORS), Johnny Lindkvist (NOCTURNAL RITES) and Ronny Hemlin (TAD MOROSE).

Long story short, the CIPHER Crew is more than ready to take you on an exciting journey through the darkest galaxies of metal. Are you ready to join them? It's time to open a new chapter of heavy metal history – it's time to FOLLOW THE CIPHER!

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Enter The Cipher 5:20
2 - Valkyria 3:53
3 - My Soldier 3:44
4 - Winterfall 3:37
5 - Titan's Call 3:40
6 - The Rising 3:41
7 - A Mind's Escape 4:04
8 - Play With Fire 4:27
9 - I Revive 3:15
10 - Starlight 4:48
11 - Carolus Rex 4:44
Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - Valkyria
2 - Carolus Rex
3 - A Mind's Escape
4 - The Rising
5 - Enter The Cipher (live from MOR)
6 - My Soldier (live from MOR)
7 - A Mind's Escape (live from MOR)
8 - Winterfall (live from MOR)
9 - I Revive (live from MOR)
10 - My Soldier (live from Falkenberg (studio sound))
11 - Carolus Rex (live from SOA)
12 - Presentation With Ken Kängstrom
13 - Interview With The Band
14 - Vlog: Masters Of Rock
15 - Vlog: Sabaton Open Air
16 - Vlog: Behind The Music Videos

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