De Profundis (Remastered)


VADER - De Profundis (Remastered)

Released on: 2021-07-30

Formed in 1983 in North Eastern Poland, VADER is one of the longest running bands in the history of extreme metal. Since their 1993 debut album, they became a major force in the death metal scene, touring relentlessly, with over 2,000 shows around the world and playing all metal festivals from Wacken to Hellfest and beyond. Their latest album „Solitude in Madness“ (2020) climbed up to #2 in the National Polish album charts but their first breakthrough success already happened with their second album “De Profundis” in 1995.

VADER’s “De Profundis” was described at the time as "a perfect mixture of Slayer and Morbid Angel". Today, the album is considered a classic in the death metal scene.

The new re-mastered reissue presents the album on vinyl for the first time ever.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Silent Empire 4:02
2 - An Act Of Darkness 1:55
3 - Blood Of Kingu 4:38
4 - Incarnation 3:07
5 - Sothis 3:42
6 - Revolt 3:36
7 - Of Moon, Blood, Dream And Me 3:51
8 - Vision And The Voice 3:28
9 - Reborn In Flames 5:42
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