The Art Of Dying


DEATH ANGEL - The Art Of Dying

Released on: 2004-05-04

2004 will go down in history as the year the Bay Area legends returned… Following the mind-blowing comeback of EXODUS with "Tempo Of The Damned" in February, it’s now time for another ‘Frisco Bay legend to steal the spotlight again: DEATH ANGEL! The five-piece became immortal between 1987 and 1990 with their three milestone albums "The Ultra Violence", "Frolic Through The Park" and above all "Act III", but vanished almost completely into thin air afterwards. "The Art Of Dying" is DEATH ANGEL's first album after a 14 years hiatus, but one thing is sure: time hasn't harmed the band's talent in any way!

With a line-up that has remained largely unchanged since the 1980s (only Gus Pepa left the band and got replaced by Ted Aguilar), DEATH ANGEL deliver a tour-de-force of pure, uncut thrash Metal comprising of great and powerful thrashers like 'Thrown To The Wolves', 'Thicker Than Blood' and 'Prophecy', "The Art Of Dying", incredible mid-tempo smashers such as the catchy 'The Devil Incarnate' and even a haunting ballad with 'Words To The Wise'.

Finally a dream for every DEATH ANGEL fan came true when the band announced the recordings of "The Art Of Dying" in late 2003. Well, what else is there to say? Grab "The Art Of Dying" and see by yourself that DEATH ANGEL are more alive than ever before! It's just amazing…

Track list Total runtime
2 - Thrown To The Wolves 4:45
3 - 5 Steps Of Freedom 3:42
4 - Thicker Than Blood 6:05
5 - The Devil Incarnate 4:29
6 - Famine 5:09
7 - Prophecy 3:23
8 - No 6:22
9 - Spirit 3:37
10 - Land Of Blood 5:15
11 - Never Me 4:56
12 - Word To The Wise

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