Killing Season


DEATH ANGEL - Killing Season

Released on: 2008-02-26

"Killing Season", our latest album, is a true story that has happened before, time and time again, as it is happening at this moment. It’s a tale told of tyranny, rebellion and justice. Each song is a reflection of this oppressive situation through the eyes of those affected by it.

Driven by greed, the actions of those “in control” inflict irreversible consequences upon innocent victims of the power hungry swine! The eventual result is frustration, despair, anger and finally revolution.

This record speaks of truth and freedom. It also tells of the pain and suffering caused by this brutal reality we’re forced to live in. Fueled by angst combined with hope, Killing Season is about to begin…"

Rob Cavestany, DEATH ANGEL guitarist

Legendary Bay Area Thrashers DEATH ANGEL, one of the most influential bands of the scene, have finished their newest effort "Killing Season". Four years after the acclaimed comeback album "The Art Of Dying", the band managed to even top this last album with seemingly no trouble involved. "Killing Season" is a faster record than "The Art Of Dying" was – in the vein of the old classic "The Ultra Violence". Every thrash metal head will have some big tears in his eyes, listening to what DEATH ANGEL created with this soon to be classic!

The production and mixing duties were overtaken by the famous Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, STONE SOUR, RUSH), co-produced by Rob Cavestany, while the mastering was done by Bran Gardener (LAMB OF GOD, MADONNA). You can imagine, that the sound is nothing but amazing involving these legends!

"Killing Season" is not less than the best candidate for THE Thrash Metal album in 2008!

"This is the Death Angel masterpiece of all time. Great guitar riffs, chorus and an amazing production. It is very impressive how all the new songs are remarkable!

You are not going to pull out any track here!"

Claudio / Roadie Crew Brasil

Track list Total runtime
1 - Lord of Hate 4:23
2 - Sonic Beatdown 3:28
3 - Dethroned 4:04
4 - Carnival Justice 3:08
5 - Buried Alive 4:27
6 - Soulless 6:00
7 - The Noose 3:36
8 - When Worlds Collide 4:24
9 - God VS God 4:42
10 - Steal the Crown 2:56
11 - Resurrection Machine 6:58

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