Relentless Retribution


DEATH ANGEL - Relentless Retribution

Released on: 2010-09-14

„Aggression and violence got us finally back! We wanted to feel the anger, rage and barbarism of the good old Thrash and I think we got it. This masterpiece is mean, merciless and evil!”

(Rob Cavestany)

Not every band can rise up to a musical legend but every once in a while, a group is able to exceed all expectations, to define the boundaries and even extravagate them – the sky’s the limit! Among the youngest bands ever to storm the metal genre, to take the Thrash Olympus by assault and to cut their own path, Death Angel have come to be known as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the thriving Bay Area Thrash Metal scene in the early 80s due to their inventive style and speedy, complex arrangements.

But Death Angel weren’t just a band, they were family! The band was formed in 1982 by five cousins, guitarists Rob Cavestany and Gus Pepa, bassist Dennis Pepa, drummer Andy Galeon and vocalist Mark Osegueda, who stayed together all the way through the first era of the band's history.

In 1986, a Death Angel demo produced by Kirk Hammett (Metallica) titled "Kill As One" sparked the interest of Enigma Records. Then, in 1987, Death Angel's debut, "The Ultra Violence," was released. Drummer Andy Galeon was just 14 years old at the time. The album was a full-frontal assault on the ears, buzzing with the group's youthful energy, and "The Ultra Violence" sold 40.000 copies in just four months. 1989 they toured with MOTÖRHEAD. Signing with the Geffen Records hit-factory the following year seemed like the next step towards certain stardom and DEATH ANGEL left nothing to chance with their third album, 1990s supreme career highlight “Act III“.

During the promotion tour their tour bus crashed in the middle of the desert between Phoenix and Las Vegas. Andy Galeon was hurt badly and it took him more than a year to fully recover. In 1992 Mark Osegueda left the band. The rest of the members continued but changed the band's name to The Organization. The band reunited (with guitarist Ted Aguilar replacing the departed Gus Pepa, who had moved to the Philippines and no longer plays music) for the “Thrash Of The Titans” benefit concert for Testament vocalist Chuck Billy on August 11th, 2001, at San Francisco's Maritime Hall and that one off show made them realize that they should get back together for real.

In October 2003 the band signed a new deal with the biggest metal label worldwide, Nuclear Blast, and released their long-awaited fourth album, “The Art of Dying”, in 2004. It was an overwhelming comeback of the legendary Bay Area Thrashers. Four years after the acclaimed comeback album, the band managed to even top this last album with seemingly no trouble involved. "Killing Season" was a faster record than "The Art Of Dying" was – in the vein of the old classic "The Ultra Violence". In October 2008 Dennis Pepa decided to left the band to start over musically; Sammy Diosdado replaced him, but only for a few months. SCARECROW bass player Damien Sisson in turn replaced him quite soon. Also Andy Galeon left the band, to spend more time with his kids - Death Angel decided to bring VICIOUS RUMORS drummer Will Carroll aboard then.

But NOW it’s time for a brand new era of Thrash Metal! “Relentless Retribution” is a testament to their tenacity and seemingly endless wealth of riffs and hooks that their fans have come to know and expect. DEATH ANGEL have never been stronger, harder, more powerful, more rhythmic, more evil, MORE THRASH – it simply makes you turn your head towards the sky and thank the mighty metal gods for this incredibly precious masterpiece of Thrash Metal. The miscellaneous and versatile atmosphere electrifies and seduces the audience, with every note to move deeper into the powerful abyss of the legendary Bay Area.

Are you ready for “Relentless Retribution”?

Track list Total runtime
1 - Relentless Revolution 4:28
2 - Claws In So Deep 7:45
3 - Truce 3:32
4 - Into The Arms Of Righteous Anger 4:32
5 - River Of Rapture 4:36
6 - Absence Of Light 4:33
7 - This Hate 3:33
8 - Death Of The Meek 5:15
9 - Opponents At Sides 6:22
10 - I Chose The Sky 4:06
11 - Volcanic 3:34
12 - Where They Lay 4:30

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